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Research Program

The research program

The interfaces of Prosody (Metrics, Accentuation, Phrasing, Intonation) with the other dimensions of Grammar (Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics) are the subject matter of PRO-GRAM. Our research perspective is to analyze constructions with assumedly specific prosodic properties.

The main topics are:

  • Syntactically defined:
    • Incidentals.
    • Coordination.
    • Extraction and dislocation.
  • Semantically defined:
    • Association with Focus (restrictive adverbs).
  • Pragmatically defined:
    • Clause types and speech acts.

The expected results are:

  • multidimensional analyses of the above-mentioned constructions in an HPSG framework (LLF) or in the macro/micro syntax framework (DELIC).
  • fine-grained modelization of French Prosody in the auto-segmental metrical framework (LPL and LLF) or the phonological theory 'par contours' (ARP).